Memory Lane

Memory Lane: New homes, old communities, defensive driving, and one big crane

Dhahran, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq sprang to live in the summer of 1951 as construction continued on hundreds of homes for new employees and their families.

Memory Lane: New homes, old communities, defensive driving, and one big crane

Here’s a look back on some of the top headlines over the past 70 years.


Aug. 29, 1951



Sixth Street in Dhahran is the scene of bustling construction activity. Some 175 men are hard at work on a housing production line that is scheduled to produce 240 family units before the year ends.


Under a new plan, designed to cut down on the number of skilled workmen needed, 120 pre-fabricated duplex family homes are being put together at one location for transfer by trailer to plot sites in the various districts.


The wood for these houses has been cut from the forests of Sweden by 11 mills. The plumbing came from Scotland; the paint and electrical wiring from England; the air conditioning equipment from the United States. Finally, with all the material on hand in Dhahran, the houses are being transformed into one and two-bedroom units will all the modern conveniences required.


According to present allocation figures, Ras Tanura is scheduled to receive 18 of the one-bedroom units, and 26 of the two-bedroom units. Abqaiq will receive 38 one-bedroom units, and 34 two-bedroom units. The Dhahran District will be the site of 64 one-bedroom units and 60 two-bedroom units.

Sept. 1, 1971


NO. 3,000

Last week was a week of great significance to those involved in the implementation of the Defensive Driving Course, because during the 158th session of the course, the 3,000th number was established. The 3,000th Defensive Driving Certificate was presented on Monday, Aug. 23, 1971, to Isa Muslim of the Publications Division, Public Relations Department, by Said Areesh, area safety advisor, left, in presence of Ali Tuwayriqi, right, Arabic DDC instructor.


The DDC courses, first started in English in May 1969, are now given in Arabic. One is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 5, at the Dhahran Auditorium. The course is composed of four session, with each session lasting two hours. For enrollment, contact the Dhahran Safety Department at 3814 or 6611.


September 1991



Emery and Mary Lynn Patten were officially recognized July 29 as the first family to move into the newly renovated residential area in 'Udhailiyah, the "Flower Community."


Saudi Aramco officials presented individual bouquets to all women present as part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony welcoming the return of families to 'Udhailiyah after an absence of almost five years.


The Pattens moved on Saturday, July 27, and by chance, reoccupied the same house they vacated in 1986, when Aramco's 'Udhailiyah family housing community was decommissioned and placed in "mothballs." The Pattens originally moved to 'Udhailiyah in 1980.


Aug. 29, 2001



The Roads and Heavy Equipment Department (R&HED) commissioned a towering 96-ton, all-terrain crane late last month, the first of its kind in Saudi Aramco.


The crane will replace two aging 300-ton lattice boom cranes and is likely to set a benchmark in performing heavy or critical lifts in support of the company's oil and gas operations Kingdomwide.


Its selection was based on a survey conducted companywide on how to best meet all types of lifts exercised by Saudi Aramco users.


The nearly 22-meter tall (72-foot) crane, which can be driven on a road at 77 kilometers per hour, has eight axles fitted with a 50-meter (164-foot) telescopic boom configuration to respond in a short time to the company's various heavy or critical lift applications.


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