Memory Lane

Memory Lane: A giant of the sea, new accommodations, and a surprise trip to the Little League World Series

Ten years ago, a group of Dhahran-based ballplayers advanced again to the Little League World Series after irregularities were identified in passports of players on the Ugandan regional championship team.

Memory Lane: A giant of the sea, new accommodations, and a surprise trip to the Little League World Series

Here are some of the more interesting headlines over the past 70 years.


Aug. 15, 1951



Four prominent Middle Eastern educators arrived in Dhahran on Aug. 11 as guest lecturers in a program of Middle East seminars initiated by Aramco for its staff and senior staff employees.


The professors — three from the American University of Beirut and one from the American University at Cairo — will spend three weeks in Saudi Arabia. 


They are professor Albert Badrea and doctors Isha Hussayni and Nabih Faris from Beirut, and professor Rizk Girgis from the University at Cairo.

The seminar series is a radical new program instituted by Aramco to further understanding and supply advanced training for its employees. Nightly seminars and lectures to Saudi and other Arab employees are designed to provide social, historical, cultural, education, economic, and political background on Saudi Arabia and the Middle East's role in the world.

Aug. 17, 1966



The Yuyo Maru No. 10 called at Ras Tanura last week to take on a 500,000 barrel cargo of naphtha, propane, and butane. This vessel is the largest combination LPG product carrier to call at Ras Tanura. The ship, with a deadweight tonnage of 52,000, loaded 195,000 barrels of naphtha, 162,000 barrels of propane, and 157,000 barrels of butane. She will be calling regularly at Ras Tanura on an approximate 40-day turnaround to Japan.

Aug. 19, 1981



An Open House was held recently at the King's Court Apartments on King's Road in Dhahran, to the delight of many single employees.


Offerings are being made now for fall occupancy of the soon-to-be-completed first building, which will provide 45 units for single males. An additional 135 units, some of which will be designated for female occupancy, are expected to become available by the end of this year. The 14-building complex, when completed, will provide a total of 525 units.


The construction of two additional buildings, containing 45 and 24 units respectively, has recently begun on Canyon Road at the site of the former AA Garage. These buildings will be identical to those in the King's Court complex and are scheduled for completion in 1982. 


Similar buildings are currently under construction in Abqaiq, Ras Tanura, and 'Udhailiyah.


Aug. 14, 1996



Saudi Aramco has assumed the interests of the General Petroleum and Mineral Organization (Petromin) in two allied joint-venture lube oil companies -- Petromin Lubricating Oil Refining Company (Luberef) and the Petromin Lubricating Oil Company S.A. (Petrolube) in Jiddah. This action was taken according to a decision by the Council of Ministers in July.


The transfer completes the integration of the Kingdom's petroleum refining and distribution facilities and Petromin's joint-venture refinery interests into Saudi Aramco initiated by Royal Decree No. M/1 on July 1, 1993.


In late 1995, prior to this interest transfer, Salim Al-Aydh, vice president of Downstream Development and Coordination, was named Luberef Chairman of the Board, and Khalid Al-Nafisee, vice president of Distribution Operations, was named Petrolube Chairman of the Board.


Aug. 17, 2011



An unusual twist of fate has the Arabian-American Little League All-Star Baseball Team representing the Middle East-Africa Region at the World Series Aug. 19 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Players and parents thought their season had come to an end at the Regional Finals in Kutno, Poland, when the team lost 6-4 to Uganda in the championship game. However, irregularities in many of the Ugandan players' required U.S. visa documents put them out of the running.


On Aug. 2, the president of the Little League extended an invitation to the Saudi squad to play in the 2011 World Series.


"We think we will represent the MENA region well," said travel team manager Neil Wilkey.


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