Week in Review

Week in Review: From the CTO to endangered species and their habitat

With Ramadan rolling to an end and the ‘Id holiday celebrated, here are some of the top articles over the past two weeks.

Week in Review: From the CTO to endangered species and their habitat

Here are some of the top stories over the past two weeks.


A conversation with the CTO

Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter talks about technology, circular carbon economy, blue hydrogen, and even flying cars in Aramco LIFE this week.


I’m not a scientist, but I have always been a bit of a nerd, always interested in computing and technology,” says Al-Khowaiter. “As a company, there is huge potential to make a change for good while we continue providing energy for the world. Yes, the world is facing challenges, but as a company we can be part of the solution — with technology being the driving force.


Celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity

While the Kingdom’s biodiversity includes some of the most beautiful animals on Earth, it also contains some of the most endangered animals on the planet.


Aramco’s Environmental Protection organization has put a lot of effort in qualifying these species and their respective threats through a new method of ranking. The rankings provide the conservation priority of species according to a variety of factors, including its level of endangerment, how many individual animals remain and whether that number is increasing or decreasing, how specific that creature is to the Kingdom, and how unique it is in the animal kingdom.


The highest priority? That would be the Arabian Bream, a small fish first discovered in 1983 but only rediscovered north of Medina in 2014.


Ithra’s ‘Id activities prove popular


Featuring the theme “Ithra’s Eid: Beams of Joy,” the King Abdulaziz World Center for Culture hosted three days of culture, education, fun, and food over the recent holiday.


Among the features were interactive art installations, live shows, arts and local craft exhibitions, even 5-meter-tall holograms on display for visitors.


Also featured was its Terra showcase, a first-of-its-kind environmental art exhibition at the center.


Driving diversity in Aramco’s field operations


Meet Fai K. Aldossary, the company’s first female foreman at an industrial facility, serving as a maintenance foreman for process control instrumentation and electrical systems at Ras Tanura Refinery


“Being in a leadership post within an industrial facility and within the refinery fence is a challenging yet exciting opportunity,” said Aldossary.


Building toward nonmetallic excellence

A new agreement between Aramco Asia and the China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) looks to establish a center of excellence with one of the largest excellence entities in China in the building and construction and nonmetallic material industries.


“Through the Center of Excellence, we look to work together to expand the deployment of non-metallic materials in building and construction domain. This can be realized by establishing a global collaboration to accelerate technology, influence regulators, advocate for nonmetallic adoptions, and develop training and awareness,” said Aramco’s chief engineer.








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