Nonmetallic Excellence

Exploring new opportunities in nonmetallic materials in Asia and around the world

Aramco Asia signs agreement with China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) for the Center of Excellence of Non-Metallic in Building & Construction.

Exploring new opportunities in nonmetallic materials in Asia and around the world

A new agreement between Aramco Asia and the China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) looks to establish a center of excellence with one of the largest excellence entities in China in the building and construction and nonmetallic material industries.


The memorandum of understanding, which sets the stage for further collaboration on nonmetallic building and advanced composite materials, looks to expand Aramco’s deployment of nonmetallic materials in building and construction on a global scale to:

  • Accelerate technology
  • Develop training and awareness materials
  • Advocate for nonmetallic adoptions
  • Inform regulators on the many benefits of nonmetallic, including sustainability and a lower carbon footprint.



Collaboration to create a global platform

Aramco chief engineer Jamil J. Al-Baqawi, said: “Through the Center of Excellence, we look to work together to expand the deployment of non-metallic materials in building and construction domain. This can be realized by establishing a global collaboration to accelerate technology, influence regulators, advocate for nonmetallic adoptions, and develop training and awareness.


This collaboration is intended to create a global platform that reaches key stakeholders in the building and construction industry from across the entire value chain to take part.
—Jamil J. Al-Bagawi


The agreement was developed by teams from Aramco, CBMA, and CNBM Group (China National Building Material) through a number of workshops and meetings to ensure the objective of the center is well defined and that expectations are set.


 “CBMA has world-class laboratories, testing and certification centers, and standardization committees, which will provide strong technical support for the Center of Excellence operation,” said CBMA president Zhenzhu Ma. 


Tackling the future today

Joint workgroups and personnel will explore three key aspects, including:

  1. Barriers to the adoption and expanded use of nonmetallic materials and ways to overcome them to accelerate use and development of nonmetallic products, materials, and technologies
  2. Strategic collaboration to promote the use of nonmetallics materials in building and construction such as polymer in concrete, composite structure, composite cladding, polymer in asphalt, polymer in soil, and others 
  3. Exploring the establishment of the center to implement the collaboration described in the agreement.


Aramco Asia president Anwar A. Al Hejazi, said: “When we think of great opportunities that can come about as a result of this historic partnership between our two parties, we believe that we will tap a new wave of world-class developments in nonmetallic materials and technologies. We are sure to open the door to many new joint research initiatives that yield new synergies and fulfil a significant value for both Aramco and CBMA in the years ahead.”


Utilizing nonmetallic materials and technologies in building and construction has always been a top priority for Aramco’s collaboration schemes and interest in improving sustainability, lower carbon footprint, and improving productivity.
— Anwar A. Al Hejazi

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