Beach Cleanup

Aramcons promote healthy environment with beach cleanup campaign

Offshore Projects Department takes aim on non-biodegradable material.

Aramcons promote healthy environment with beach cleanup campaign

In an effort to promote a healthy environment, the Offshore Projects Department (OPD) has embarked on a second Beach Cleanup Campaign. The first, “Go Green Plan” initiative was hosted at the al-Khobar Corniche in December 2020. A second campaign was conducted on Mar. 3 at the shoreline of the Aramco Safaniyah GOSP. 


A Solid Effort
The enthusiasm among the participants was very high and palpable, and their efforts significant, including:
* 500 meters of beachfront cleared of non-biodgradable debris
* 50 minutes of intense clean-up work
* 371 bags of debris collected
* 1,800 kilograms of debris collected.


“OPD continues to execute major construction activities in the Safaniyah (and other) offshore fields. We are now a key contributor to this ecosystem and must rise to the responsibilities that come with the privilege of such an opportunity,” stated Abdulaziz F. Dulaijan, manager of OPD. 


It is for this reason that we have chosen to clean a portion of the Safaniyah shoreline of non-biodegradable material, knowing that our small effort will translate to a positive contribution to our host environment.
— Abdulaziz F. Dulaijan


Striding forth with knowledge and purpose


Several scientific research journals all agree on one thing, i.e., it takes centuries for non-biodegradable debris to naturally decompose. There is further scientific evidence that demonstrates the negative impact that the debris has on both the marine flora and fauna.  


Armed and inspired with the knowledge, more than 250 Aramco and contractor employees signed up for the cleanup exercise. The Northern Area Industrial Security Operations Department superintendent, Jamal I. Bubshait, participated in the cleanup effort. Representing the Safaniyah Offshore Producing Department was Salem S. Shegeih, the foreman of the Safaniyah South Field Services Unit. While recognizing both organizations, Dulaijan thanked them for their continued partnership as invaluable stakeholders to the department’s efforts.


There was sufficient beachfront to allow for the implementation of social distancing during the cleanup exercise. Face masks and gloves were provided to ensure that COVID-19 protocols were strictly observed. Hand sanitization fluids were also available and positioned strategically to ensure that a minimum spacing of 2 meters was observed at all time. 


Finally, 12 team leaders acted to ensure participants maintained physical distancing. They also supervised the general safety of the event. 








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