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ARLANXEO solution ranked among tops in ‘Elastomers for Sustainability’

Keltan Eco is the first commercial Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer produced from sugarcane.

ARLANXEO solution ranked among tops in ‘Elastomers for Sustainability’

ARLANXEO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aramco, has been ranked third in European Rubber Journal’s ‘Top 10 Elastomers for Sustainability’ for its project to develop a sustainable synthetic rubber compounding.


The sustainable synthetic rubber, Keltan® Eco, has been widely used as the Eco EPDM rubber of preference across multiple industries, from automotive to construction, to even the 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer ball, making the ecological difference for our people and our planet. 


It is the first commercial Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer produced in Brazil from sugarcane, a renewable and eco-friendly resource that addresses dependency from fossil fuels resources and has a significantly lower CO2 footprint.


Commitment to sustainable solutions


Designing and delivering sustainable solutions is Aramco’s commitment and corporate promise. Within this context, ARLANXEO also strives to further improve the sustainable footprint of its products, especially through the prism of Industry Revolution 4.0 new mobility. Therefore, ARLANXEO achievements in sustainability was praised as “an impressive work in the field of bio-EPDM compounds” by the European Rubber Journal editors.


This achievement is the result of an ambitious team effort, a successful ARLANXEO collective work. Chemists, researchers, engineers, and marketers from different countries and regions worked together and responded to the widespread mistrust to the chemicals industry regarding their positive impact on sustainability.
— Donald Chen, ARLANXEO CEO


“ARLANXEO was a newcomer to the Elastomers for Sustainability initiative of the European Rubber Journal”, noted Li Birnie, Global Head of Corporate Communications, who noted that have Ketlan Eco featured in one of the most reputable and high impact robber journals was invaluable.


More information about the ERJ Top 10 Elastomers for Sustainability, click here.




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