CEO’s Excellence Awards

VIDEO: CEO’s Excellence Awards highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence

Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser highlights celebrates our people’s achievements.

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Amin Nasser, president and CEO,

Excellence Awards

Welcome to the 2024 CEO’s Excellence Awards.

These awards are important for many reasons recognizing the excellence of individuals and teams, learning about excellence in other parts of our company and reflecting on what excellence means and why it matters.

Our IPO in 2019 remains the world’s largest, and our actions continue to match our ambitions to achieve unprecedented growth in the years to come.

We have recently doubled the size of our venture capital fund, and will welcome the first quantum computer in the Kingdom to our company.

I am pleased Aramco continues to raise the bar in so many fields. Creating this foundation of excellence helps us deliver for those who rely on Aramco, builds our reputation around the world, and drives the innovation we know is crucial to a successful future.

Because, in a world that needs much more energy with far fewer emissions, these challenges will demand the best from us.

So, to everyone being recognized today, you can take pride in your achievements and your role in writing the next chapter of the Aramco story.

Aspring to excellence is one thing, achieving it is another. This is why actions matter more than words for us. These awards you have earned are far from ordinary; they are extraordinary achievements.

So congratulations to all our winners.


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