Downstream Integration

VIDEO: Seamless integration with Esmax brings a brighter future

Yasser M. Mufti, Aramco’s executive vice president of Downstream Products and Customers, talks about our commitment to our expansion into South America.

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Yasser M. Mufti, executive vice president of Downstream Products and Customers


Two and a half months ago, we welcomed Esmax into the Aramco family.


Our family is a global family that supports businesses operating in the Americas, in Europe, and in Asia.


The size and scale of Saudi Aramco is truly unique. We are the world’s biggest energy company, responsible for one out of every eight barrels of oil sold around the world, and we do so with a 99.7% reliability.


This reputation for quality is what attracted us to Esmax. That is why we hope tonight will be one of the first steps on a long and successful path in Chile, and South America more broadly.


Revealing the first Aramco-branded station outside of Saudi Arabia is a very, very significant moment for us. This will be the first of nearly 300 stations that will carry the Aramco brand up and down this beautiful country, a tangible demonstration of our commitment.


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