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VIDEO: How can digitalization transform operations?

Aramco deploys cutting-edge technologies that maximize the efficiency of our processes, advancing our goal to be the world’s leading integrated energy company.

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Wail Al Jaafari
Executive vice president of Technical Services

Middle East Process Engineering Conference & Exhibition 2024

One thing we in Aramco understand clearly is; behind innovative process; is innovative people. This is why we offer a program of lifetime learning to our people.


We need our people to evolve to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing process industry. 


And so, process re-engineering, adopting cutting-edge technologies will be essential.


An example of this is the introduction of drones and robots to inspect plants, platforms, and other assets.


It also means that the next generation, many having grown up playing video games, already have some of the necessary skills to fly these UAVs. They could turn their craft with a controller into a compelling career.


Our process engineers are equipped with the latest simulation and analytical tools, which is helping us model, troubleshoot, and optimize our operations and associated energy consumption.


All these innovations to improve safety, improve sustainability and reliability are only possible because of the people who developed and pioneered them. Over the coming years, process engineers will be at the forefront of this kind of technological innovation.


To the students joining us today, I would say choosing a process engineering career will put you at the cutting edge of innovation, where your creativity is valued, and your development is a priority. You can have an impact on a global industry, which is essential for global prosperity. 


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