F1 and STEM

VIDEO: Through our strategic partnership with Aston Martin F1, we energize students’ passion for racing and STEM education

Discover how we inspire the next generation of motorsports engineers and innovators.

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Pedro de la Rosa, Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team Ambassador


Aramco is organizing all these STEM educational programs, and also this karting program event, to bring motorsport closer to the young generations.


With Aramco, they have brought all these students into the garage of the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One team, to see how a Formula One team operates, how the mechanics were working.


What we tried today with Aramco was to bring Formula One to them in an easy way, for them to talk with the protagonists that drive the sport, the mechanics, and the engineers.


It’s not only about making the cars go faster. You have to make them more efficient, reduce fuel consumption, and make the engines degrade less.


The young generations will drive innovation in the future. They have simulations. They have AI. They have so many incredible tools to develop their talent, and I hope that we have transmitted a bit of passion about what we do.


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