Inspiring the Next Generation

VIDEO: How do we amplify the next generation’s curiosity in the science behind motorsports?

Discover how our collaboration goes beyond the racetrack and drives interest in the science behind motorsports

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Fernando Alonso
Aston Martin Aramco Formula One team ambassador


Inspiring the next generation, for me as a driver, is very nice to see.


Here in Saudi, together with Aramco, with Aston Martin, to see the same dreams that I had when I was a kid makes me really happy.


I think this kind of initiative will bring motorsport closer to the people.

I see a great future for Saudi and the generations of future Saudis into motorsport.


We have incredible support with Aramco; we have engineering, we have technology.


We have a lot of things that we need the next generation to get on board and to improve all these technologies.


So, yeah, Formula One opens the possibility for many, many people, not only on track but also off track with the technology.


Jessica Hawkins
Aston Martin Aramco Formula One team ambassador


It's really about inspiring the younger generation and showing them what's possible if they work really hard in the future.


The partnership with Aramco and Aston Martin is key to making these things happen.

I think our key values are so similar that we're passionate about driving these changes forward and inspiring the younger generation.


So, having this strong alliance is really powerful for the future.


Collectively, we're trying to be pushing the limits on and off the track.

So, if we can leave a positive influence everywhere that we go, the future is bright for the young children.


The kids have been so enthusiastic. It's been nice to pass down some of my experience. They're probably learning a little bit from each of us.


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