Prosperity Well

VIDEO: With the discovery of Well No. 7 86 years ago, a journey of achievements, prosperity, and success began

The March 4, 1938, discovery of Dammam Well No. 7 paved the way for our history of exploration and discovery.

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Millions of years ago, geological events led to the formation of hydrocarbon deposits beneath the surface. 


By the 1800s, scientists began styling these geological events, which led to the discovery of oil.


But the biggest discovery was yet to come.


In the 1930s, our early explorers studied the Kingdom’s geography, searching for the hydrocarbons hidden beneath.


Despite many unpromising discoveries and challenges, we kept drilling until 1938, when one well in Dammam changed everything.


On March 4, Well No. 7 struck oil, becoming the Kingdom’s first commercially viable oil well.


Dammam Well No. 7 marked the start of a new era of prosperity, paving the way for our history of exploration and the discovery of some of the world’s largest proven oil reservoirs.


Today, we build on the legacy of achievements that began with Well No. 7 and continue supplying the world with energy to foster prosperity.


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