VIDEO: Amin Nasser stresses digital leadership in the energy sector at LEAP24

Technological integration, innovation, and investment key elements of company’s journey.

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Aramco is constantly moving forward in our tech journey.


We are doing so in three ways: through integration, through innovation, and through investment.


We are not only applying the power of digitalization to our newest facilities, we have even digitalized our oldest oil processing facility located at Abqaiq.


We are also using AI algorithms to optimize performance and to predict when assets require

proactive maintenance to minimize the downtime.


Now, the second way we are moving forward, as I mentioned, is through continued innovation.


Our aramcoMETABRAIN generative AI model is another example of continued innovation. We believe aramcoMETABRAIN has the potential to raise both productivity and growth, as well as transform the way we work.


For Aramco, developing our own generative AI model enables us to realize the benefits while reducing these risks.


At the same time, we recognize we cannot do everything on our own.


That is why initiatives like the Saudi Accelerated Innovation Lab are so very important.


SAIL is not just a project; it aims to also be a one-stop-engine for all innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors.


All of which brings me to the third way we are moving forward in our tech journey at Aramco, through investments.


We recently increased the funding available to Aramco Ventures by 4 billion dollars, making Aramco Ventures one of the top corporate venture capital funds in the world.


Our intention is to fund game-changing innovations across a variety of industries.


Indeed, creating value for people is the ultimate reason for any technology journey, ours included.


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