EXPEC ARC Symposium

First EXPEC ARC Symposium focuses on innovation, digitalization, and emissions reduction

Theme of the two-day event was “Sustainability and Digital: Toward the GHG Emissions Reduction of 52 MMtCO2e by 2035.”

First EXPEC ARC Symposium focuses on innovation, digitalization, and emissions reduction

The first EXPEC ARC Symposium, organized by Upstream’s research and development arm, showcased collaborative technology deployment related to sustainability and digital domains. The two-day event attracted more than 500 individuals in-person, and more than 800 virtual attendees.


Themed "Sustainability and Digital: Toward the GHG Emissions Reduction of 52 MMtCO2e by 2035,” the forum highlighted the integral role innovation and technology could play in spearheading Aramco’s ambition to achieve net-zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions across its wholly owned operated assets by 2050, while also providing an opportunity for Upstream professionals to engage and connect.

Panel discussions featuring Upstream management were blended with technical sessions to foster an environment of innovation and knowledge sharing. A technology exhibit highlighted a selection of EXPEC ARC technologies within the sustainability, digital, and emerging technology domains, helping to progress the adoption of in-house developed technologies across Upstream.

United by a common objective

Abdul Hameed A. Al-Dughaither, executive vice president of EXPEC and Drilling, said that despite the diverse functions and roles across the Upstream value chain, “We are united by a common objective — the attainment of Upstream carbon intensity targets.”


We must work together to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation and sustainable practices. By sharing best practices, knowledge, and resources, we can accelerate the adoption of technology and digitization across the industry.
— Abdul Hameed A. Al-Dughaither


Waleed A. Al Mulhim, senior vice president of Petroleum Engineering and Development, said: “The importance of collaboration and technology cannot be overstated. By coming together and embracing innovative solutions, we can drive meaningful change in the energy industry."


Hesham A. Al Adel, senior vice president of Southern Area Gas Operations, emphasized accountability in addressing sustainability.


“Addressing climate change is not only the responsibility of nations and large corporations; it is also an individual responsibility,” he said.




Executive panel discussions

Panel sessions led by Upstream’s senior management provided deep dives into industry challenges, opportunities, and future directions.


Faisal N. Al Nughaimish, vice president of Petroleum Engineering and Aramco's chief petroleum engineer, spoke about the company's growth in intellectual property. 


"Witnessing Aramco's IP portfolio growth has been phenomenal. Since EXPEC ARC was established in 2006,  Aramco has been adding hundreds of granted patents per year. The end game is to commercialize these technologies; that is where the real challenges lie, turning these ideas into value.


The event featured a special segment to recognize the dedication and ingenuity of the proponents behind these important technological deployments, celebrating in particular:


  • Southern Area Production Engineering
  • Southern Area Well Completion Operations
  • Northern Area Production Engineering
  • Northern Area Gas Producing
  • Well Completion Operations and Production Engineering
  • Southern Area Reservoir Management
  • Petroleum Engineering Application Services
  • Drilling Technical
  • Geophysical Imaging
  • Wasit Gas Plant

Technical Sessions

The symposium also included eight technical sessions, each with five presentations from different admin areas across Upstream.


With a total of 40, the event explored themes including carbon reduction, water management, Upstream digitalization, and others. These sessions served as a catalyst for in-depth discussions and collaborative efforts, underscoring the pivotal role of innovation in sustainability.


Caption for top photo: Abdul Hameed A. Al-Dughaither gives opening remarks during the recent 2024 EXPEC ARC Symposium.


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