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VIDEO: Meet Mariam, who turned her passion for chemistry into a career at Aramco

Learn more about her journey and see how we enable our people with the skills and knowledge to reach their full potential.

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My name is Mariam Assadeq, and I work as a geologist in the EXPEC Advance Research Center.


Chemistry was my favorite subject in high school, and what led me to choose geology, in particular, is the influence of the energy sector in the Kingdom.


I joined Aramco’s CDPNE program, and I was sponsored to complete my studies in geology, which I did at the University of British Columbia in Canada.


I also had a number of assignments that helped me integrate the lab work that we conduct every day and to see the value of the small details we pay attention to win the lab.


Understanding geology requires both imagination and critical thinking, and I’ve always been very imaginative but also grounded; and, especially as a lab geoscientist, I’m continuously presented with samples that come directly from upstream operations.


Those include oil, gas, and rock samples. Each sample comes with a very specific question that we get to answer in the lab based on the experimental work that we conduct, which ends with designing solutions that provide value to Upstream.


I started volunteering for the Dhahran Geoscience Society, which has been a very enriching experience, especially when it comes  to meeting new colleagues and expanding my network.


The nature of my work is very diverse. I have the opportunity to tackle a number of different challenges, all of which come with unique learning opportunities, which allows me to continue my learning and development.


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