Dakar Rally

VIDEO: Welcome to a new season of off-road thrills and endurance at the Dakar Rally

Teaming up to to innovate and engineer excellence in the transport sector with a focus on producing synthetic fuels.

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How do we contribute to a practical mobility transition?


We believe that synthetic fuels have great potential to contribute to lowering emissions from the transport sector.


While conventional fuels are expected to continue to make the bulk of transport fuels for decades to come, we aim to support the development of innovative technologies which could possibly unlock the full potential of lower-emission fuels.


How do we advance synthetic fuels? We collaborate with global partners to advance the development of synthetic fuels.


These fuels could potentially be used in existing vehicles without modifications.


Through partnering with motor-race rallies such as Dakar, we aim to showcase our innovation in fuel performance, as well as our commitment to improved transport technology.


We continue to progress in our journey toward supporting research in synthetic fuels with the aim of achieving a practical mobility transition.


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