2023 in Review

VIDEO: Looking back at our 90th year of excellence

With pivotal achievements, we continued our journey of excellence.

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In an ever-changing world, how can we set a new path forward?


How do we drive change?


Looking back at 2023


Toward a balanced energy transition


With each expansion and each step forward, our intention is clear: to usher in a new era of energy.  one that involves an ambitious growth plan in crude to chemicals and significant developments in new lower-carbon energy.


Digitizing the industry


We are already leveraging digital technologies across our operations, pushing us closer to delivering tomorrow’s energy more safely and reliably.


Unlocking global opportunities


Strengthening our global operations and capturing new market opportunities enable us to provide more energy to the world.


Prosperity in the Kingdom


As we expand our reach to power nations across the globe, we are also aiming to drive prosperity within the Kingdom. 


Powering human potential


Through several initiatives, we are adamant on supporting communities in the Kingdom and around the globe to hone their talents and reach their full potential, driving economic prosperity.


By being open and willing too serve as catalysts for change, we can set a new path forward.


Looking into the future, we stand ready to drive forthcoming changes.


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