Our F1 Team

VIDEO: Introducing the Aston Martin Formula One Team

On or off the track, the newly-formed Aston Martin F1 Team will work on advancing new mobility solutions that contribute to improve car performance.

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Answers aren’t always straight forward. Sometimes, just getting to one involves a few twists and turns. 


Maybe that’s why so few of us go down this road. It’s much easier to just stay in our lane never wondering why, never questioning when, never asking how.


But then if no one asked questions, where would that get us?


Our world is driven by questions and the people who ask them — people who know that the harder the question, the more likely we are to arrive at a potentially groundbreaking solution.


Questions like how can we develop lighter, more durable components?


How can we pioneer fuel that could lower emissions?


How can we help with global, net-zero targets?


Sure, there are easier paths to take, simpler questions to answer, but no one got anywhere just following everyone else.


Introducing the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One team.


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