Persons With Disabilities

VIDEO: Enabling our employees to overcome challenges and make their ambitions come true

We strive to foster an inclusive work environment where our employees are not just part of our team, but integral to who we are.

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My plan for my future is to be in a place that gives me the environment to be more creative and more efficient at my work.


I discovered my disability a a young age. My childhood was difficult. 


The day I graduated, my mother told me to apply to Aramco. I was excited when the company hired me.


As an Aramco employee, I have lots of platforms that I can use to help improve my career. Digital accessibility was provided to me.


Aramco supported me through many development programs, not only on the professional and academic levels, but also by developing my interpersonal skills.


Aramco gave me the support I need to become a person who is independent in terms of career and financial-wise, as well as personal life-wise.


My disability inspired me to keep my head high and gave me the strength to rise up to many challenges.


Since I and other people with disabilities have the opportunity to join the company, nothing can stop you from becoming an Aramco employee as well. 


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