Aramco Invitational

VIDEO: Aramco steps up its golf game, partners with Asian Development Tour for Aramco Invitational Tournament

Tournament a tribute to the heritage and history of golf at Saudi Aramco and in the region.

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Nabil Al-Nuaim, senior vice president of Digital and Informational Technology, and Saudi Arabia Golf Association chairman


The Saudi Aramco Invitational Tour has been transformed last year to become the Aramco Invitational Tournament, in partnership with the Asian Development Tour.


We wanted to keep the heritage and the history of golf in the region, which started at Saudi Aramco over 50 years ago.


This is going to be an expansion and to show the Saudi Aramco culture and supporting the sport, supporting community, and societies as well, while we are doing business in Asia.


We’ve seen some of the amateurs that they started the game less than a year ago.


Denwit Boriboonsub, tournament champ


I dreamed to win this tournament last year, but I didn’t make it. It’s going to be a step to go to the top level. 


Next year, I’m very excited to come back and defend my title in the Aramco Invitational Tournament. 


Yuvraj Singh Sandhu, golfer


Aramco is doing a fantastic job here. I think the Asian Development Tour is one of the most important stepping stones in all of our careers. I think the significance of this tour is a lot to a lot of players, and a lot of their careers.


Othman Almulla, golfer


I started playing golf here in the community of Dhahran, and it just became my passion and my dream to try and push it as far as I could go.


When I was lucky enough to turn professional in 2019, Aramco was one of my first partners to believe in me and believe in my journey, and what I’m trying to achieve, and trying to grow the game of golf and get more people involved.


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