Power of Jazan

VIDEO: How does the Jazan Refinery Complex contribute to a smarter and lower-carbon energy landscape?

The facility’s activities span beyond the traditional oil refining scope.

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The Jazan Refinery Complex aims to play a leading role in the region’s economy.


It is expected to provide feedstock for the integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) plant, which generates power and industrial gasses.


In turn, the IGCC is capable of producing 3.8 gigawatts of power, enough to not only meet the energy demands of the plant itself, and those of expanding local industry, but also to provide power to millions of nearby homes and facilities.


The Jazan Refinery Complex’s activities span beyond the traditional oil refining scope. Since its inception, it actively seeks out different methods to reduce production emissions and enhance energy efficiency such as repurposing unused heat to produce steam for power generation and reducing dust emissions by collecting soot ask to extract metals like vanadium and nickel.


We also leverage Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in the complex’s operations to showcase the potential of a fully integrated oil refinery and power plant and pave the way toward a smarter and lower-carbon future.


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