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VIDEO: Global Industrial Internet of Things Summit: Technology, connectivity, and supply chains

Wail Al Jaafari speaks at the Global Industrial Internet of Things Summit on the importance of collaboration to adopt and advance IIoT technologies and take a step forward in strengthening our supply chains.

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Wail Al-Jaafari, executive vice president of Technical Services

Global Industrial Internet of Things Summit (GIITS)


We have deployed Industrial Internet of Things technology in multiple areas, including our operations and project execution to protect our people, assets, and environment while improving our operational efficiency and the quality of our decisions.


Over the years, we have invested in making our plants smart by introducing plant connectivity, data-lake, and sensing solutions.


Abqaiq is one of 170 facilities across the Kingdom that transmit 7 billion data points every single day you our Fourth Industrial Revolution Center here in Dhahran.


If Aramco’s vast network of sensors and data points is our nerve system, the 4IR center is the brain where our engineers use artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate big data into meaningful insights.


We need to collaborate to upskill our professionals, to develop innovative solutions, to create a secure digital environment and build a strong local supply chain.


The ecosystem will enable us to take Industrial Internet of Things opportunities and achieve even more in the future.


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