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VIDEO: CEO talks about rebalancing the global energy equation at FII

Amin Nasser, discusses how we aim for an inclusive energy transition that addresses the needs of 84% of the world's population, not just 16%.

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Amin Nasser, president and CEO

FII 7th Edition

Rebalancing the Global Energy Equation


The demand growth that we are seeing is significant.


We are investing to bring additional capacity of oil and gas and at the same time investing in the new, which are renewables, green and blue hydrogen.


We need to solve for the trilemma, which is energy security and affordability, in order for you to meet your sustainability goals over the long term.


To have that shift, you need a realistic timeframe. We are committed to net zero by 2050.


We are the lowest in the industry when you look at energy intensity, when you look at methane and CO2.


We have committed through our sustainability report to reduce 52 million tons by 2035 and reduce our carbon intensity, which is one of the lowest in the world right now, by a further 15%.


Today, the energy transition does not really solve the priorities and the needs of the Global South. I think what we need is an orderly, inclusive, and just transition where you take care of the 84% of the world population, not focus only on the 16%.


So we need solutions for all.


We are part of the solution.


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