Ithraeyat 21st edition: Celebrating the ‘Art’ of Food

This edition puts focus on the realm of food, as well as its cultural, artistic, historical and philosophical dimensions.

Ithraeyat 21st edition: Celebrating the ‘Art’ of Food

Ithraeyat is back with its 21st edition themed “Spread” featuring various flavors of articles, conversations, and stories centered around the realm of food, along with its cultural, artistic, historical, and philosophical dimensions.


The art on the cover gracing this edition is by the renowned Iraqi artist Maysaloun Faraj, whose colorful composition captures the tranquility and essence of a home. Her story is one of many exclusive interviews and intimate conversations of influential creative personalities from both local and global spheres featured in this special edition, as well as a nostalgic nod toward the ‘Aramco Cake’ and an easy to follow recipe at home.


Other stories not to be missed: A candid interview with Rami Abu Ghazaleh, CEO of the “ALBAIK” Saudi fast food restaurant chain. He shares the riveting history and well-guarded secrets of ALBAIK, shedding light on its impact on the community and the culinary culture of the Kingdom. 


From the unique crystal creations of Sara Shakeel to the vibrant raw homage to nature and its fruits by Alonsa Guevara, we meet artists from across the globe who creatively capture this edition’s universal theme through various expressions - digital, photographic, scribbled, and drawn, collected collages, cooked and baked dishes, and even weaved-in bread inspirations. 


An artistic dish for everyone — even one on the art of the humble potato. 


We also feature columns by our honored guests, such as the one by Ulrike Al-Khamis, CEO of the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, who wrote a delightful fabled story titled "An Accident Befalls the Date-Picker," and another by Hussain AlMoosawi, the acting editor-in-chief of National Geographic Magazine Al-Arabiya, who reflects on the art of cooking. 


Ithraeyat also includes an insightful conversation with Yousif Al-Harbi, Director of The Culture and Arts Association in Dammam, who discusses the pioneering artistic journey within the cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia.


Amongst its dishes are captivating culinary voyages through time, showcasing historical sagas that allow you to savor a deeper understanding of the history of food. These include the kitchens of the Islamic Golden Age as explored by professor Daniel Newman, and the enchanting tales of Middle Eastern culinary treasures recounted by professor Peter Heine.


A bountiful “Spread” awaits, with the hope that it will blend the joy of discovery with the richness of knowledge.


Download the edition here.


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