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Ras Tanura invitational: Bowled over by solidarity

Theme of tournament was “Synergy Toward Solidarity.”

Ras Tanura invitational: Bowled over by solidarity

Bowling enthusiasts from different organizations recently gathered for the Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Bowling Association (SARTBA) Open Invitational Bowling Tournament at the Najmah bowling alley in Ras Tanura (RT). 


The event was a fun and exciting way for people to come together, enjoy some friendly competition, and show off their skills on the lanes. Among those competing were: teams from in-Kingdom Aramco bowling associations, such as the Dhahran Bowling Association and SARTBA; and external competitors, including the FILBOWLERS (Filipino Tenpin Bowlers Eastern Region), the Eastern Fellowship Bowling Club, and AlHala Bowling Club, as well as teams from as far afield as Riyadh and Bahrain. 


The theme of the tournament was “Synergy Toward Solidarity,” emphasizing the importance of working together and supporting one another, even in the midst of competition. The solidarity theme fostered an environment of encouragement among bowlers, and a diversity of styles, skill levels, and backgrounds was celebrated. 

A total of 57 bowlers across the Men and Women’s categories participated in the invitation over a number of weeks. The day of the final was exhilarating. Each bowl of the ball was accompanied by multiple feelings, ranging from anticipation to elation — and every strike was testimony to the training and preparation each competitor had invested. 


SARTBA, as the organizers, thanked participants for a successful and safe event, and helped all competitors celebrate at an awards ceremony at RT’s White Sand Lodge. 


In addition to trophies for the winners, consolation prizes were awarded to the 4th to 10th-placed participants in each category.



Caption for top photo: Jozezcarr Fronteras takes aim in the Women’s Division Cateogry A. Fronteras earned runner-up honors in the competition.


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