Marine Academy Graduation

Aramcons graduate from Marine Academy, earn titles

Aramcon graduates Abdulrahim A. Thagafi and Ghurman M. Shehri earn marine chief engineer and marine master designations, respectively.

Aramcons graduate from Marine Academy, earn titles

Setting the bar and inspiring colleagues, Abdulrahim A. Thagafi from the Ras Tanura and Western Region (RT&WR) Marine Operations Department, has become “marine chief engineer,” while Ghurman M. Shehri from the same department has become “marine master,” both the first to graduate with the positions from the Marine Training Academy. 


Thagafi and Shehri are the first graduates of two unprecedented in-Kingdom programs launched by the Maritime Technical Support Department’s Marine Training Academy to qualify applicants to the ranks of marine master and marine chief engineer, accredited by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Thagafi and Shehri joined their respective ranks after completing all qualifying requirements and passing the marine proficiency tests held — for the first time in the Kingdom — by the Transport General Authority. The programs contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, by localizing the maritime sector.


Excellence and localization

Aramco’s executive vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services, Nabeel A. Al-Jama’, honored both Thagafi and Shehri for obtaining the two marine ranks, in the presence of the senior vice president for Industrial Services, Fahad M. Al Abdul Kareem; acting vice president for Marine, Abdullah O. Al-Tewairqi; the acting director for Marine Technical Support Department, Fehr F. Khomais; and the head of the Marine Training and Coordination Unit, Faid H. Al Harbi.


Al-Tewairqi praised the success achieved by the Academy and emphasized Aramco's commitment to excellence, stressing that the localization of services would make a big difference in supplying the maritime industry in the Kingdom, enabling it to achieve the desired expansion.


To obtain the rank of marine chief engineer, applicants must complete the naval service for a period exceeding 36 months, in addition to completing the refresher course through accredited institutes, and must have the required medical fitness, and pass the basic courses and oral proficiency test.


The test is designed to verify that applicants meet the requirements of the International Convention on Training Standards (STCW), which issues certificates for maritime workers.


Upon passing the test, this rank authorizes applicants to supervise all maintenance, operation, engineering support, and protection of the marine environment on board various marine vessels, according to the operational strength of the engines and the nature of the ship's work, and in accordance with what the ship's captain requires for safe operation. This professional certificate is considered an internationally recognized certificate.


The test for marine master is designed to assess the advanced knowledge and professional level of the management of maritime navigation and its arts, such as safety and rescue, and sentinel management, in addition to the management of cargo handling and storage on board ships, and administrative control in the operation and care of those on board the ship. The test also measures the necessary knowledge of international and domestic maritime legislation.


Marine master applicants must complete the required naval services for this rank, in addition to completing the refresher course, before taking the test. When granted this rank, a marine master is responsible for the safety and operation of the ship, and represents owners to authorities and sea ports.


Caption for top photo: Nabeel A. Al-Jama’, center, is joined by Fahad M. Al Abdul Kareem (second from left), Abdullah O. Al-Tewairqi (second from right), Fehr F. Khomais (far left), and Faid H. Al Harbi (far right) in congratulating Ghurman M. Shehri (third from right) and Abdulrahim A. Thagafi (third from left) on their graduation from the Marine Training Academy.


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