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Your Voice: Technology, education, and looking beyond the screen

Today, knowledge can be accessed at any moment, but it does not replace the role of “teacher.”

Your Voice: Technology, education, and looking beyond the screen

In today’s digital era, technology is used for anything and everything — from finding directions and watching movies, to playing video games and discovering delicious recipes. Some sectors of society have been more profoundly affected than others. 


Technology’s impact on the education sector has been profound. Technology has transformed the sector, and the way today’s students acquire knowledge is almost unrecognizable. The sky is now the limit as knowledge can be accessed nearly anywhere, anytime. 


Accordingly, learning possibilities have broadened beyond traditional textbooks, and learning is now often more engaging thanks to interactive simulations and virtual experiences. Such diverse resources empower learners to take ownership of their development more easily and pursue knowledge that resonates with individual preferences.


Technology has also equipped educational ecosystems with the potential for far better collaboration and communication. Seamless interactions foster virtual communities, making knowledge sharing not only more efficient, but also fun.


However, it’s important to recognize that technology only complements teaching — it does not replace it. While technology now plays a crucial role in shaping how knowledge is shared between people, it cannot (yet) fully replace the role of a “teacher.” 


We should embrace technology as a powerful tool for gaining knowledge, while striving to maintain a balanced approach — especially where children are concerned. Let’s harness the benefits of technology, while encouraging creativity and critical thinking throughout the educational process for younger and older minds alike. 


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