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Building positive energy in Khurais: A day with energy coordinator Abdullah A. Al-Zahrani

Young energy, focus, and a zeal for detail at one of Aramco's Lighthouse facilities.

Building positive energy in Khurais: A day with energy coordinator Abdullah A. Al-Zahrani

Working in remote areas calls for resilience and determination, and the Khurais Producing Department (KPD) team is an example of a hardworking team who carry out their tasks with the utmost professionalism and reliability. 


Over the course of many decades, Aramco has successfully navigated all obstacles in its path to achieve its global reputation for reliability. Without the efforts of employees, like those in Khurais, this would not have been possible. 


‘Khurais needs the energy of young people’

Nestled in the heart of a desert, Khurais’s facilities emerge from the sand like a forest of entwined pipes. 


Employees rise with the sun, each playing their part in production — driving the Kingdom’s economy forward. The working hours are long and call for unwavering dedication.

After a long day at work, you’ll discover a totally different life — one that is brimming with happiness. You will enjoy a wonderful time in the dining hall sharing a table with Khurais’s large family, including professionals, engineers, and management. You’ll also have enough time to indulge in your favorite pastimes in the lounges, courts, and “Diwaniya.” 


“There are several aspects of Aramco that can be described as substantial, including the company’s size, projects, decades of reliability and experience; however, the most significant components of the company lie within its employees, their potential, and their unwavering determination,” said Salah A. Al Juaidan, director of KPD.


Like other remote business areas within Aramco, Khurais needs the energy of young people, which is essential to KPD. We in Khurais consistently seek individuals with enthusiasm, technical expertise, and creative thinking that young people possess.
— Salah A. Al Juaidan


“To enhance this enthusiasm with knowledge and technical expertise, Aramco offers all necessary training, qualifications, and development programs to empower these young employees to contribute toward improving production efficiency and achieving the company’s goals through innovative and effective means. 


“Due to this spirit and determination, Khurais has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a ‘Lighthouse’ manufacturing facility.”


Day with an energy coordinator

We traveled in the morning via the Riyadh Highway from Dhahran to Khurais, passing by golden sand dunes on both sides of the road. I observed tourists who have a fondness for the desert stopping their vehicles by the roadside to capture the breathtaking beauty, especially during the early hours of the day.


However, working in these areas, under the scorching sun away from the bustling cities, demands strong individuals who love the peace of the desert. 


Aramco LIFE joined young plant engineer Abdullah A. Al-Zahrani, who joined the company in 2019, on a workday to find out more about his job and life at KPD.


Al-Zahrani graduated with honors in Chemical Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in 2018. He then joined Aramco in Khurais after successfully completing the Apprenticeship Program. Al-Zahrani further enhanced his knowledge by obtaining several management and professional certificates in the field of energy and sustainability. He then moved between divisions before settling into his role as an energy coordinator at KPD. 


Al-Zahrani said, “An energy coordinator at KPD plays a vital role in ensuring the sustainability and reliability of energy supplies and maximizing their efficiency in production facilities.


“I am responsible for determining the energy requirements of various facilities, developing plans for using sustainable energy, analyzing consumption, production, and distribution data, and developing schedules for optimal operation,” he added.

Busy work schedule

Al-Zahrani starts his work at 6 a.m. He receives and analyzes reports, and then monitors energy consumption in production facilities. 


An energy coordinator works on developing and implementing strategies and procedures to increase energy efficiency in production facilities. This might include improving business efficiency, rationalizing consumption, or implementing new energy-saving strategies.


Al-Zahrani also serves as a facilitator between various divisions within KPD, and collaborates with the engineering, maintenance, and production teams to meet objectives.


To benefit from the best energy technologies and practices, he communicates with external suppliers and companies. He also evaluates the costs, and the advantages of improving energy efficiency and adopting new technologies, and then makes recommendations for investment in energy saving and efficiency improving projects.

Training and awareness

Al-Zahrani, who is currently enrolled in a master’s program at KFUPM, trains and educates employees on best practices in energy use and energy efficiency improvement. 


Along with his participation in workshops and training sessions, he provides guidance and knowledge to increase awareness, and encourages the adoption of sustainable energy use practices.


Additionally, Al-Zahrani prepares periodic reports that outline energy consumption and assesses production performance in terms of efficiency. These reports are used to identify areas for improvement and to develop future plans for achieving key objectives.


He works on monitoring and analyzing energy consumption across a vast area, which includes KPD’s plants, and has a vital role in achieving environmental sustainability, reducing production’s carbon footprint, contributing to environmental protection, and achieving sustainable development goals. 

After work activities

The KPD family gathers after 6 p.m. and all you can hear is laughter after an exhausting day at work.


Talking about his life after working hours, Al-Zahrani said, “Before going to the office and starting my day, I get up early and enjoy the peaceful morning breeze in Khurais.


“After work, I return to the community full of life. I spend my days happily, taking care of my physical and mental health, going to the gym to meet friends for jogging, weightlifting, and chatting.


“I then play my favorite sport, padel, and compete against my coworkers. Although I may not always win the game, I always succeed in expanding my circle of friends. 


“We laugh, we listen to one another, and we support each other. This also positively impacts our work, as those who can play well together can undoubtedly work well together.”


Al-Zahrani added, “Although some may perceive working at an oil facility in the middle of desert as a difficult life, I actually enjoy my work and life in Khurais, down to the last little detail.”


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