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Archie Initiative researchers participate in global aviation event

Participants enthusiastic about initiative’s potential to guide the decarbonization of the aviation sector using a data-driven approach.

Archie Initiative researchers participate in global aviation event

Archie Initiative researchers recently participated in an important International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) event as the U.N. agency works to lower carbon emissions from the airline sector.


The ICAO held its “2023 Stocktaking” event in Montreal, Canada, to track progress toward meeting its long-term global aspirational goal for international aviation of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 that was set last year.


The event focused on fuel and lower-carbon energy-related approaches, innovations, and solutions, showcasing the latest advancements from countries, industry, and other stakeholders, in preparation for the third Conference on Aviation Alternative Fuels in November 2023.


“This was the first time the Archie Initiative team participated in an important meeting of the ICAO, which sets standards for aviation globally,” said Hassan El-Houjeiri, manager, Energy Traceability Technologies Division, Technology Strategy. “Participants were enthusiastic about the Archie Initiative and its potential to guide the decarbonization of the aviation sector using a data-driven approach.” 


El-Houjeiri participated in a panel discussion on supporting a lower carbon energy transition for aviation fuels. He stressed the importance of science-based decisions and pointed to the Archie Initiative as an example of a growing collaboration between industry and academia. 


Along with El-Houjeiri, James Littlefield and Alhassan Badahdah, both from the Archie team, presented their work to delegates from ICAO member states. 


What is the Archie Initiative?  

The Archie Initiative uses comprehensive data sets and builds models and interactive tools to estimate, visualize, and understand greenhouse gas emissions associated with the global energy supply chain, offering stakeholders a better understanding of emissions from different energy sources when making decisions, including the evaluation of climate policy options. 


For more information about the Archie Initiative, please visit 


Caption for top photo: James Littlefield, an Aramco researcher who is part of the Archie Initiative, explains carbon intensity estimates to a visitor.


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