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Ithra's August schedule heats up

Arts, entertainment, and plenty of kids' activities mark the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture's August calendar.

Ithra's August schedule heats up

School may be out, but culture and learning never slows down at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran.


Here's some of the highlights over the coming month.


Summer Camp (through Aug. 3, and then Aug.7-17)

Ithra's Summer Camp looks to invoke nature and inspire youngsters to conserve, imitate, replicate, and embrace nature. 


In this camp, children will experience architecture that is found in animal homes, delve into the importance of natural architecture, and reflect on how to get inspired by nature in order to design unique buildings.



Summer Youth Program: Introduction to the Cultural Industry (through Aug. 19)

The Summer Youth Program is an intensive program that exposes participants to the backstage of the cultural and creative industries by unveiling Ithra’s facilities and expertise. The program provides participants a rich experience of the finest the Center has to offer. 


The program provides young people in-depth insights and some hands-on experience working within a context directly related to their personal interests, while also introducing them to new, and sometimes disrupting, ideas. 


The program seeks to enhance each participant’s ability to combine theoretical knowledge with technical know-how to form future professional skills, giving them experience networking within the framework of the creative and cultural industries.



Illusionist Theater Show (Aug.9-19)

The Illusionists – Direct from Broadway comes to the Ithra Theater to present a sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions and a powerful mix of the most outrageous and jaw-dropping acts ever seen on stage. 


The world’s biggest-selling magic show has played in hundreds of cities around the world, spawned two TV specials, and broken box office records on the West End and Broadway. The show arrives at Ithra to provide a mind-blowing spectacle and captivate audiences with the presence of the most incredible illusionists on earth.




Amstel Quartet & Anass Habib — Stories of the Soul (Aug. 24-26)

Together with Moroccan singer Anass Habib, Amstel Quartet delves into the world of Arabic music, full of emotion and poetry. 


From Fairuz, "the cedar of Lebanon," to the stirring music of Mohammed Abdu, to the Egyptian father figure Sayid Darwish, to the best-known works of the "Lady of Cairo," Umm Kulthum. 


Stories of the Soul is a wonderful exploration of the Arabic soul brought to you by the world's most colorful saxophone quartet and vocalist Anass Habib, who is specialized in traditional Arabic, Aramaic, and Byzantine music. 


Also the Amstel Quartet will combine the songs with some of their audience all-time favorites instrumentals from their repertoire.


(Tickets go on sale Aug. 3)

iRead Talks (Aug. 17 in Kuwait, Aug. 23 in Tunisia)

Ithra's library team spreads awareness about the iRead program and the competition. The series of cultural events are part of the popular reading enrichment program that strives to encourage a culture of reading throughout the Arab world.


iRead does this by holding lectures, workshops and panel discussions in a number of Arab cities, bringing together writers, thinkers, intellectuals, and readers under one platform to discuss trending literary topics across a variety of fields.




Short Play Contest (Aug. 14-19)

The Short Play Contest organized by Ithra provides an opportunity for writers, directions, and performers to share their talents and creativity in front of live audiences.


The contest is designed to empower local talent and enrich Saudi theatrical content.


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