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Dhahran EMSR: Management hear updates on Mukamalah Aviation Company, Automobile Park project, and more

In line with Saudi Vision 2030, Aviation’s transformation is designed to boost operational efficiency and improve the Kingdom’s corporate aviation and logistics sector.

Dhahran EMSR: Management hear updates on Mukamalah Aviation Company, Automobile Park project, and more

As a safety pioneer in the oil and gas industry, Aramco’s senior management conducts rigorous safety performance reviews throughout the year at the company’s operating sites. 


At a recent Dhahran Area Executive Management Safety Review (EMSR) attended by president and CEO Amin Nasser, company management inspections included Aramco’s new wholly-owned subsidiary Mukamalah Aviation Company, the Automobile Park project, and the Global Security Operations Center.

Mukamalah goes live

Aramco operates one of the world’s largest corporate aviation fleets. To boost operational efficiency and improve the Kingdom’s corporate aviation and logistics sector in line with Saudi Vision 2030, the company recently transformed its Aviation Department into a separate entity, known as Mukamalah Aviation Company. 


At the Aramco Mobility Center, Industrial Services shared the transition to the new fully Aramco-owned subsidiary by presenting its change management strategy. Explaining the transition involved no changes to staff and quality of service, Mukamalah representatives presented their newly developed service level agreements, further compliance with both private and governmental agencies, and newly developed functions within safety and reliability, and reporting restructuring.


Intelligent mobility control

Aramco efficiently moves its people and assets to where they are needed, and in 2021, to integrate all mobility services under one roof, inaugurated the intelligent Aramco Mobility Control Center.


Located in Dhahran’s 10,000-m2 Automobile Park project, the center was the first phase of three-part project — the Mobility Park development plan — to transform the old transportation yard into a modern space with an improved look and function.  


The Mobility and Logistics Service Department shared that phase two will be completed soon, with the development of the Mobility Park, turning a vast unutilized yard into green spaces, and converting an old tire shop into an administrative building. 


Phase three of the Automobile Park commenced this year, and will see a centralized Dhahran hub to enhance customer experience, automotive safety, and reliability for services such as motor vehicle periodic inspections, tire changes, express car maintenance, and car washing. 


The hub will also showcase Aramco’s environmental efforts with lower carbon fuel, offering a range of lower carbon and conventional fuel options through a conventional diesel station.


Dhahran hydrogen fueling station

Aramco plans to be a significant exporter of lower carbon hydrogen, which has the potential to assist with renewable energy storage. 


Touring EMSR representatives at the Automobile Park project were introduced to plans for a 220-kg per day hydrogen refueling station. Scheduled for completion by 2025, Aramco will produce hydrogen in Dhahran using its own feed-flex reforming technology, which draws on hydrocarbon feedstock.


The station will serve hydrogen to light vehicles, buses, trucks, and forklifts, and in addition to the low carbon hydrogen, green hydrogen through water electrolysis will also be tested. All required safety measures, based on international standards and protocols to ensure safe operation, will be included at the station.


Cybersecurity nerve center

Also on the EMSR’s inspection list was Aramco’s Global Security Operations Center, which provides the company with mature cybersecurity operations on a global scale. 


Operating to an intelligence-driven cybersecurity defense model, the 24/7 center leverages world-class threat intelligence and advanced analytics to identify, investigate, and mitigate potential cybersecurity threats, providing a more proactive and effective approach to the cybersecurity defense of Aramco’s operations.

One major highlight presented to the EMSR team was the overview of the Dammam Field Development Project, which features various initiatives and accomplishments that enhance safety and efficiency. The team responsible for the project was appreciated for their attention to well-being, and for utilizing various technologies and methods to raise awareness among workers.


Management also reviewed Aramco’s commitment to maintaining the health and well-being of its workforce and their dependents with a visit to Aramco’s joint venture, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH).


JHAH has undertaken a substantial upgrade of its facilities, including modernizing its laboratory and surgical equipment (including a new catheterization lab suit and robotic surgery system), as well as enhancing its facilities, monitoring systems, and emergency readiness. 


Caption for top photo: The Mukamalah transition team is recognized by Amin Nasser and other members  of corporate management during the recent Dhahran EMSR.


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