Your Voice

Your Voice: Weighing the merits of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

Understanding is more important than fearing when it comes to embracing new technologies.

Your Voice: Weighing the merits of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

The fear of using technology is not new to humans. 


This fear extended to old days when mathematics teachers used to ban the use calculators in exams. Those teachers had valid concern back then since they believed this practice will negatively affect students' basic skills in mathematics.  


By the 2000s, these worries vanished with little stress over new technology. Even after the presence of artificial intelligence (AI), people thought technology will need a long time to develop to be smarter than humans.  


All of a sudden, in November 2022, Open AI Company, supported by Microsoft, announced ChatGPT, which is not a traditional chatbot. 


This new revolutionary AI is based on a simple language model. The more that you train it the more it learns. 


The explanation of how ChatGPT works, is very complicated, where “neural networks" -- a term used by computer engineers -- work on lots of input and outputs to articulate the needed, detailed answer to the question or request we ask.  


With this speedy developing AI such as ChatGPT, some well-known companies such as Apple, Samgsung, and Amazon ban and or limit the use of ChatGPT, as it might lead to the company's sensitive data leakage.


Here at Aramco, data privacy protection is a priority. Therefore, familiarize yourself with our GIs, as they are continuously updated to prevent data leakage.


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