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VIDEO: How do we develop technologies to contribute to the decarbonization of motorsports?

Learn more about our efforts to impact the global transport sector through the development of internal combustion engine technology.

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Pierre Oliver Calendini, director of Paris R&D Center, Aramco


Motorsport is an excellent platform to accelerate new technology.


The technologies we are developing are very complex and they require a lot of different expertise, and partnerships are very important for us to bring on board all this expertise and to advance the technologies.


We are developing several technologies for the internal combustion engines.


Christophe Chaillou, after treatment expert, Aramco

So we are developing synthetic fuels that can reduce the CO2 emissions by 70% to 80%.


We are also developing a turbulent jet ignition technology that can improve the efficiency of the engines. 


And we are developing the advanced exhaust after treatment technology to reduce local pollutants.


In Spain, we are partnering with Respol to build a demonstration production plant to produce diesel and jet fuel. 


In Saudi Arabia, we are partnering with Neom with the aim to develop a production plant to produce e-gasoline.


And on top of that, we are partnering with a lot of car manufacturers and truck manufacturers to develop a drop-in fuel, and we test this fuel on their engines, on the cars, on the trucks.


And today, for example, we are resting a new formulation on classic cars.


Gerard De Nazelle, director of R&D Center, Aramco

We have a formidable, extremely exciting program for synthetic fuels, starting with demonstration plants, scaling up these demonstration plants, reusing existing assets and refineries, and finally going to the next gen reusing existing assets and refineries, and finally going to the next gen where we aspire to go straight from CO2 and hydrogen to synthetic fuels at the lowest possible cost.


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