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This Day in History (1968): Foundations in for Technical Institute

Construction begins on the new complex of the college of Petroleum and Minerals.

This Day in History (1968): Foundations in for Technical Institute

From the June 26, 1968, edition of the Sun and Flare

Amid the sounds of jackhammers and blasting at Aramco's eastern perimeter in Dhahran, construction of the buildings for the new complex of the College of Petroleum Minerals is well underway.


September 1969 will find the three Technical Institute buildings populated by an anticipate d267 students.


This is the first phase in the construction of an 11-building addition that by 1985 will accommodate 2,800 students. The current work includes leveling and excavating for all buildings -- which will extend east over the rim of the jebels toward the present college.


A 26-unit faculty housing section is now complete and foundations and walls are being built for the first and largest of the classrooms in the Technical Institute. Utility tunnels are in construction, and the water tower is rising rapidly, visible now from the al-Khobar road.


Caption for top photo: THE ARCHITECTS' MODEL of the College of Petroleum and Minerals upon completion as it would be seen from a helicopter over the Dhahran-al-Khobar road. The three buildings at right are under construction and the water tower, center is goi9ng up. Faculty living quarters, not shown beyond the top of the page, are now completed. All buildings shown above will be erected and in use by 1985.


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