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VIDEO: What does it take to deliver energy reliably under all circumstances?

We combine human ingenuity with the latest technologies to continuously and reliably deliver energy to the world.

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At the center of our operation lies a dedicated team of experts.


By combining their determination with the latest technologies and our state-of-the-art Oil Supply, Planning, and Scheduling system (OSPAS), our people become the force that drives energy reliability and security.


“There is no other place across the international oil companies that is inclusive of connecting the supply networks so seamlessly, from the production phase all the way to the delivery phase.”


“We come into work each day with he mentality that there is no room for error, because we understand the importance of energy in people’s lives.”


We utilize some of the world’s most advanced technologies in our distribution and terminals system to accurately deliver energy.


“Achieving the necessary technology breakthroughs requires access to the best ideas, people, and partners around the world, enabling us to meet rising energy demand around the world reliably.”


“We continuously adopt new ways to leverage big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to monitor our operations in real-time to ensure they are in line with our plans to meet our reliability key performance indicators.’


Through our teams and their efforts, we forge a supply network that ensures our operations’ reliability and security. 


“What’s inspiring about my work is that it enables me to take data-driven action based on real-time monitoring, which maintain our resilience in chase of challenges.”


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