Reliability in Action

VIDEO: How can we deliver energy to a world that can’t stop?

Aramco prides itself on its 99% reliable customer supply, meeting changes in demand with its remarkable Oil Supply, Planning, and Scheduling system.

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Reliable energy supply is vital to global economic security and growth, and as global energy demand increases, we rise to meet those demands.


How do we ensure a continuous supply of energy?


The interconnected nature of our operations means that the performance of one facility could have detrimental effects on the other parts of the network.


Our Oil Supply, Planning, and Scheduling system (OSPAS) is our operational nerve center. it connects the different components of our network to provide real-time data through our remote terminal units.


690+ remote terminal units


OSPAS combines human ingenuity with the latest technologies to optimize our supply, enable us to rapidly respond to any operational challenges, and effectively meet changes in demand. 


The result?


99% reliable customer supply


We haven’t missed any shipment to a customer in over 85 years for operational reasons, and we continue to maintain a rate of over 99% reliable customer supply.


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