Hydrogen Solutions

PODCAST: How can hydrogen accelerate decarbonization and enable new lower-carbon economic opportunities across sectors?

Hear what our director of Technology Strategy and Planning says about hydrogen’s key role in efforts to address climate change.

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Bashir Dabbousi, director of Technology Strategy and Planning at Aramco


What’s happening today through the really global concerted effort to address climate change is that there is a recognition of hydrogen’s key role. 


Hydrogen is a very versatile, very ubiquitous element. It’s actually the most abundant element in the universe.


It’s an energy carrier that doesn’t have any carbon associated with it. Hydrogen is detached from carbon, and you can do that using various techniques to separate hydrogen from carbon and do something with the carbon that was originally associated with it and produce lower-carbon products simply by incorporating hydrogen into that value chain.


Carbon capture and storage is playing a key role and will enable us in the Kingdom and enable many other players around the world to introduce hydrogen on a large scale in a reasonably accelerated manner.


Our focus here is on how can this hydrogen be a major contributor to the future of energy production. 


Because of the scale of our business, because of our advantaged hydrocarbon position, because of our potential advantage in carbon capture and storage, we hope to be one of the lowest-cost, most-reliable suppliers of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia in the decades to come.


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