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This Day in History (1972): Bahrain's New Air Terminal

New airport features walkways to planes and a longer runway.

This Day in History (1972): Bahrain's New Air Terminal

From the June 14, 1972, edition of The Arabian Sun

Old-timers in the Gulf may regret the passing of Bahrain’s mini-air terminal, with its friendly wooden gates, its cozy bar, and the garden court where many a prolonged farewell was taken.


But it was built only in 1961, and no doubt even older old-timers missed the palm-branch barasti that was the first Bahrain air terminal in 1932.


Progress must be served, and the government of Bahrain has wisely decided to keep up with -- or even a little ahead of -- the age of jumbo jets.


IN December 1971, the Amir of Bahrain opened the new air terminal, just two years after work on the site began. In April 1972, the terminal went into full operation, and it now handles 12 Boeing 747s a week, as well as its full quota of smaller aircraft.


The most striking feature is the set of four airbridges that snake out onto the apron like accordions, and glue themselves to the doors of the aircraft. The passengers step straight into these carpeted bridges -- tunnels would be more descriptive -- and walk into the terminal without touching the tarmac, climbing into a bus, or ruffling a hair in the breeze.


The runway was lengthened for the jumbos at the same time as the new terminal was constructed.


Caption for top photo: SLEEK AND COOL, the transit-departure lounge in the new air terminal in Bahrain now processes hundreds of travelers a day. The terminal went into full operation in April, and along with a regular quota of standard jets, handles 12 Boeing jumbos each week.


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