Energizing Potential

VIDEO: How do we enable our people to reach their full potential? Meet Mohammed

Mohammed Alkhalidi’s passion led him to a career in our Safaniyah offshore field.

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Hello and welcome. My name is Mohammed Alkhaldi; I’m an operational engineer at Saudi Aramco 


We are currently at Tanajib Airport, and we are going to Marjan GOSP-3. Let’s go!


I studied chemical engineering in the University of Missouri in the United States and followed it with a master’s degree in environmental science. I’ve been with the Safaniyah Offshore Producing Department for almost three years now.


I’m an operational engineer at Marjan GOSP-3, which is Gas-Oil Separation Plant.


This is the control room of Marjan GOSP-3, where we can see here every parameter and every number is monitored continuously to ensure that the plant is running safely.


So, the Safaniyah Offshore Producing Department is responsible for six GOSPs. We are currently in one of them, which is Marjan GOSP-3 in the Marjan field.


Marjan-3 is composed of six platforms. One of them is the accommodation platform, which has all the accommodation, the seating, the dining area, and the offices.


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