CEO Cup: Scores of golfers compete at 41st CEO Cup

Aramco's top golfers compete for the top prize at Rolling Hills Golf Course in Dhahran.

CEO Cup: Scores of golfers compete at 41st CEO Cup

President and CEO Amin Nasser congratulated participants in this year’s CEO Cup —including the youngest ever competitor to win the tournament — at a recent awards dinner in Dhahran.


Men’s CEO Cup champion Maaz BinSaad, just 16-years-old, said: “I’ve been playing golf for about seven years. Winning a big tournament like this feels great. Golf is challenging mentally and physically — my goal is to take it all the way and to become a professional, to represent Aramco and SAGA.”


Maaz’s father, Saad Hamid, a production engineer at Aramco, said: “Golf has done wonders for Mazz’s development; it has given him discipline and a focus to achieve his vision. This is the first step in a long journey for him. 


He has high aspirations. He wakes up very early to practice, and he’s been volunteering at the Aramco Team Series — while still studying. It takes a lot of dedication.
— Saad Hamid, father of CEO Cup winner Maaz BinSaad

Aramco makes golf accessible

Tamara S. Tahir, this year’s Ladies’ CEO Cup champion and a winner on two previous occasions, said: “When I joined Aramco 18 years ago, I bought golf clubs for the first time. I love the social aspect of golf and how accessible it is here in Aramco. As a beginner, I could play multiple times per week. 


“You have to keep a level head to score well as a golfer,” added Tahir, who is a teacher at the Aramco Elementary School in Dhahran. “I’ve played in the tournament for the past 10 years. To come out on top is really exciting.”

Well planned and well played

Nasser presented prizes to the winning golfers in person, and recognized all involved for an event that was “well planned” and “well played.”


“It takes a lot of effort to make an event like this a success — the teamwork is much appreciated,” he said of the tournament and celebratory dinner, which was attended by members of Aramco’s executive management and more than 160 players and their guests. 


Golf has certainly come a long way here in Dhahran — and it is great to see it still growing.
— Amin Nasser


“Aramco golfers in the early days carried squares of artificial grass to hit their balls from, which confirms that employees are not only innovative at work, but also in their determination to play golf,” Nasser said. “Our people have high determination, innovation, and resilience, which has certainly served our company well over 90 years.”

Nabil A. Al Nuaim, senior vice president of Digital & Information Technology, and chairperson of the Saudi Aramco Golf Association (SAGA), said: “The community really appreciates what Aramco has done for the sport of golf. We are so privileged to see that Aramco is holding and sponsoring international tournaments — and improving its own facilities.”


Al Nuaim attributed the continued rise of golf to the support of all involved at Aramco, from our president and CEO and members of corporate management, to SAGA leadership, Rolling Hills Golf Club (RHGC) volunteers, and members of Public Affairs, Community Services, Industrial Security, and other organizations.


“The media coverage we receive is very cost-effective, and golf is a huge platform to spread the culture of Aramco,” Al Nuaim added, explaining that Aramco plans to engage the public further, and continue to support the growth of the sport. He also noted the diversity among CEO Cup competitors, and expects talented young male and female golfers to continue to challenge for the leaderboard. 


A special event

IT systems analyst and tournament coordinator and director, Jeff D. Meisner, has been a RHGC member for many years. “Every tournament requires lots of support from Aramco’s executive management and volunteers from all across the company. A lot of people help out in the background,” Meisner said. 


I’ve been doing this for many years, but an evening like this still means a lot — that our president and CEO and top management support the golfing community here is special.
— Jeff D. Meisner


Also attending the award dinner was Alhassan H. Alyami, from the Khursaniyah Gas Plant Department, who often helps out with Aramco golf tournaments: 


“I like to volunteer for something that is useful to the community,” he said. “I help with player registration and sometimes I’m a course

Saudi’s first golf club

RHGC was the first golf club established in Saudi Arabia and has gone from strength to strength since 1951. Today, SAGA’s membership comprises more than 700 company employees, retirees, and dependents (juniors, ladies, and men) who can play both day and night, thanks to floodlight facilities. 


As well as contributing to the well-being of our communities, SAGA supports the Kingdom’s progress by encouraging the leisure and tourism sector.


While Aramco has long hosted tournaments, leagues, and social events, in 2022, SAGA hit a new milestone by hosting its first professional tour event. Nearly 100 top golfers from 40 countries negotiated its challenging greens and rolling fairways in an effort to qualify for the prestigious Asian Tour.  


“Building on experience and the success of past year, Aramco has committed to hosting the 2023 Asian Development Tour (ADT) in December,” said Minhaj U. Khan, SAGA vice chair. The ADT is in line with similar Aramco initiatives, including sponsorship of the signature Aramco Team Series events, the Public Investment Fund Saudi International, and the Aramco Saudi Ladies International. 

41st CEO Cup winners


Ladies’ CEO Cup champion

Tamara S. Tahir (38 points)


Men’s CEO Cup Champion

Maaz BinSaad (42 points)


SAGA member clubs: Club winners

Ain Nakhl Golf Club (Abqaiq): Muhammad Saar (32 points)

Surfside Golf Club (Ras Tanura): Jose J. Griman (37 points)

Wadi Al Saeed Golf Club (‘Udhailiyah): Nisharlan Sewgolum (37 points)

Rolling Hills Golf Club (Dhahran) Gertjan W. De Jong (38 points)


Ladies A flight

1st place: Ida Aritonang (37 points)

2nd place: Rodziah Daud (35 points)

3rd place: Vikki Bedford (33 points)


Men’s D flight

1st place: Wayne C. Greenhalgh (38 points) 

2nd place: Dennis R. Updike (33 points)

3rd place: Jae-Sang Song (33 points)


Men’s C flight

1st place: Satya A. Putra (35 points)

2nd place: Saewong Kim (33 points)

3rd place: Steven T. Green (32 points)


Men’s B flight

1st place: Mohdraji Matyaacob (38 points)

2nd place: Bradford J. Plaatjes (37 points)

3rd place: John P. Sinesi (37 points)


Men’s A flight

1st place: Jake C. Rosenthal (38 points)

2nd place: Chulsoon Choi (36 points)

3rd place: YoungKyoung Ahn (36 points)


Closest to the pin winners across Friday and Saturday were: Gaetano D’Antoni, Richard E. Reeves, Mihir Sapru, Nabeel K. Haq, David R. Bedford, Muhammad Zimran, Jonathon Mosquera, and Geonyoung Kang.


Caption for top photo: John Paul Scallion chips from the bunker during the recent CEO Cup golf tournament at Rolling Hills Golf Course in Dhahran.


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