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Your Voice: Paying tribute to 90 years, and a new generation of Aramcon

A new breed of men and women will take the company into the next phase of its life.

Your Voice: Paying tribute to 90 years, and a new generation of Aramcon
As we celebrate Aramco’s 90th anniversary, it may seem to some like a prelude for the company’s upcoming centennial in 2033. But for me, this month is a significant milestone in its own right, considering the lifespan of Aramco. 

According to the Collins Dictionary, “A generation is the period of time, usually considered to be about 30 years, that it takes for children to grow up and become adults and have children of their own.” Therefore, this anniversary marks the end of Aramco’s third generation, and the beginning of its fourth.

The first generation — from the concession agreement of 1933 up to the early 1960s — laid the firm foundation. Aramco literally was built from nothing, in terms of a company structure, a profitable business, infrastructure, a community, and perhaps most importantly, a culture. It was the era of discovery — not just of hydrocarbon reserves, but also the skills and talents of the local workforce, and the power and benefits of cross-cultural camaraderie. If you were to pick a “greatest generation” for Aramco, this would undoubtedly be the one, given its enduring impact.

The next generation solidified those achievements while creating the conditions necessary for the remarkable transformations to come. During this time, the company matured and took on the characteristics of the Aramco we know today. There was also incredible development: the transition to Saudi Arabian ownership and Saudi leadership, the birth of the Master Gas System, and the advent of a major downstream business and a Kingdomwide presence through the integration of SAMAREC in 1993, at the end of this second generation.

I started with the company two years after that, and witnessed firsthand the fundamental changes of the third generation. Over the past 30 years, the company has experienced a “supernova” of transformation as its business portfolio expanded, its operational and organizational complexity grew exponentially, and advanced technology affected every aspect of its work. 

My generation has seen the first Innovation initiative that “let the genie out of the bottle,” the Accelerated Transformation Program that reworked and reengineered our processes, iktva, and the drive for local value addition, and the company’s landmark IPO. Much of that stemmed from internal dynamics, while more recently we’ve experienced the synergy provided by Saudi Vision 2030. I’m proud to be part of that generation — and to still be around to mark the close of our time in the sun.

Now, though, we’re opening a new chapter, and it is a new breed of men and women that will take the company into the next phase of its life. The early Aramcons could scarcely have imagined the company as it is today, and I cannot predict where it will be three decades from now. 

But for the moment, the 90th anniversary offers a splendid opportunity to take pride in what has gone before, and look forward with anticipation to the achievements of Aramco Generation 4.0. So, let’s celebrate!

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