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This Day in History (1962): Anti-locust teams spray 'hoper eggs'

Crews take power and hand dusters along with nozzle sprayers to repel swarms of the creatures.

This Day in History (1962): Anti-locust teams spray 'hoper eggs'

From the May 2, 1962, edition of The Sun and Flare

An Indian Anti-Locust Mission, headquartered in al-Khobar and working throughout the Eastern Province since mid-February is scheduled to leave in early June.

The Indian Mission, established in accordance with an International Agreement with the U.N. food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has sub-stations in Khurais, Hofuf, 'Ain dar, Nariyah, and Qariya.

G.H. Bhathtia heads the 20-man party, which is equipped with eight vehicles, six power dusters, 50 hand dusters, and six nozzle sprayers.

The first locust swarm, covering about four square kilometers, was observed in Abqaiq, Feb. 28, flying east. Other swarms entered from the south, and some of the larger swarms broke into smaller groups. A total of 17 movements was reported for 'Ain Dar, Hofuf, Nariyah, Qariya, and Sarar during March.

Caption from top photo: POWDER BLOWER dusts young locusts in the desert near al-Khobar.

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