Expat KSA Reunion

Khursaniyah welcomes retired expat employees

Appreciation of past, present, and future come together for generational employees.

Khursaniyah welcomes retired expat employees

More than 35 expatriate retirees and their families recently had an opportunity to connect with current and former employees on a visit to Khursaniyah Gas Plant (KGP) and the Northern Area Gas Operations’ neighboring plants.


The visit, which provided an opportunity for the former employees to see the latest technologies and innovations in gas production and processing, also gave them a chance to reminisce about their time with the company.


At KGP, the visitors had a chance to interact with plant management and others while taking in a little history about gas operations and the Khursaniyah complex. 


We are thrilled to welcome you back again in Aramco and at Khurasinyah Gas Plant. It is great to reconnect former colleagues with their current counterparts and to hear their experiences.
— Khalid Al-Harthi, KGP director

Rekindling memories, seeing new developments

Many visitors had a long-awaited reunion with old friends and colleagues. Among the visitors was retiree Khan Akmal from the U.S., a long-time employee who left his mark in Gas Operations. 


Khan retired from Gas Operations Technical Support in 2016. 


I can’t express how exited and amazed I am to see the great changes in Gas Operations that are still ongoing since I left.
— Khan Akmal

Three generations of Aramcons connect

Retiree David Jessich from the U.S. and KGP’s Hussain Al-Saeed from KGP formed an instant bond about their family history and heritage for being among three generations who had worked — and are still working — in the company since the 1950s.


Born in Dhahran, Jessich is a second-generation Aramcon who retired in 2004 after working for the company 29 years. His father retired in 1982, and his son has been working in Procurement since 2012. 


Al-Saeed is also a third-generation employee in the company. His father has been retired since 1999, and his grandfather retired in 1983 after working for Aramco in a variety of locations.


Jessich was thrilled by the encounter with Al-Saeed and was amazed by how much Aramco meant to both families. He said he was proud of being part of Aramco's history and legacy, and that he still considers Saudi Arabia his home. 


He added that he was glad to be back for the reunion, especially to see some of his old friends and co-workers. 


Al-Saeed said he was excited to meet Jessich, and to learn about his family's history with Aramco. The two exchanged contact information and agreed to keep in touch.


An inside look at Gas Operations growth

The visitors then went on with their program for a plant tour and were impressed by the scale and efficiency of the plant, as well as by the safety and environmental standards that Aramco maintains. They were amazed by how the Gas Operations business has grown.


The visit ended with a farewell and gifting. Many commented on the kindness and hospitality they felt. The visitors expressed their thanks and happiness for the thoughtful gesture. They will definitely be returning home as unofficial ambassadors for the Kingdom and said they would cherish the memories and friendships they made during their careers with Aramco.


Caption for top photo: Expatriate and Saudi retirees and current day employees pose during their tour of Khursaniyah Gas Plant and Northern Area Gas Operations facilities during the recent KSA Expat Reunion hosted by Aramco.


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