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This Day in History (1988): Aramco's own drilling rig, the DP-3, makes its home off Tanajib

The new well provided flexibility to work on all offshore platforms and drill directional wells while being operated more efficiently with its state-of-the-art equipment.

This Day in History (1988): Aramco's own drilling rig, the DP-3, makes its home off Tanajib

From the April 27, 1988, edition of The Arabian Sun

The Aramco Drilling and Workover organization's newest acquisition made itself at home recently at Tanajib, during a six-week training exercise. Its first drilling assignment has just been successfully completed in the Berri field, and it is now on the job in the Abu Sa'fah field.


Drilling's latest wonder boy, the company-owned Aramco Mobile Drilling Platform-3 -- or as it is commonly referred to, the DP-3 -- represents some of the newest technological advances in offshore drilling operations.


The rig has the flexibility to work on all the offshore platforms, to drill directional wells and to be operated more efficiently because of its state-of-the-art equipment, according to Al Dowell, offshore drilling superintendent.


"We wanted a company-owned offshore rig that would suit all our needs, especially the need to operate in a wide range of water depths, from as shallow as 3-1/2 meters to as deep as 60. Our rig fits that bill," says Dowell, adding that because the DP-3 is cantilever rig, it is easier to place into position than a slot rig.


Prior to the purchase of the D-3, contractor cantilever rigs handled the work on some 180 offshore wells where slot rigs could not be maneuvered because of platform-size or shallow-water restrictions.


"Now we can do in-house work at pretty much any location without having to rely upon contractor rigs," says drilling foreman Clyde Polk, adding that it's particularly advantageous to have the DP-3 on hand in the event a relief well needs to be drilled.


Caption for the top photo: Drilling and Workover's newest acquisition, the company-owned offshore drilling rig, the DP-3, shown above being towed into Saudi water.


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