Ramadan in Shaybah

VIDEO: Employees share their Ramadan experience in Shaybah

“Here, and in the spirit of Ramadan, we come together as one family.”

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Majed Al-Maliki, oil and gas operator

Hello everyone, my name is Majed from Shaybah, the Empty Quarter. I am an Aramco oil and gas operator working from Shaybah.


Shaybah is among the largest oil fields to be developed over the past 25 years. It is in the Empty Quarter desert, approximately 800 kilometers southeast of Dhahran.


I arrived in Shaybah in 2020 after graduating from the Industrial Training Center in Riyadh, where I had spent a year-and-a-half right after graduating from high school. Being an oil and gas operator is not an easy task and it requires a prior intent for specialization.


However, after I got exposed to the field, I now see it as broad specialization that helps me identify problems, know the flow of operations, and take responsibility for the safety of such a huge field.


Here, and in the spirit of Ramadan, we come together as one family.


We decorate the residential areas. Our working hours are also slightly shifted so we come together for suhoor and iftar. 


There are also some activities that are specific to the Holy Month, like airplane games and gatherings in Shaybah Council and the communal village. 


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