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Gas Drilling and Workover Department celebrates achievements at annual gathering

Long service and other achievements recognized at ‘Udhailiyah event.

Gas Drilling and Workover Department celebrates achievements at annual gathering

The Gas Drilling and Workover Department (GDWD) held its annual gathering at Dora Hall in 'Udhailiyah, to celebrate the department's achievements over the past year.


The gathering was attended by GDWD management and employees, along with Engineering teams from GDWD and contractors beside the service providers.


These events give all attendees an opportunity to connect, celebrate and renew the department’s commitment to support the company's strategies and key performance indicators.


The department’s achievements were highlighted in a comprehensive presentation, followed by recognition of Service Awards recipients, and a number of GDWD employees who made outstanding contributions to the department’s strategies and initiatives during 2022. 

Naser Otaibi, GDWD director, congratulated team members on their success, noting he was looking forward to the coming year.


We will continue to build on our successes and work together to achieve all our business goals in 2023.
— Naser Otaibi



30 Years: Saeed AbdRabAlreda

25 Years: Mohammed Al-Qahtani 

15 Years: Adel Al-Khamees, Amer Al-Amer, Abbas Al-Dubais, Ali Al-herz, Ali Al-Ali, Nizar Al-Hajji, Adil Al-Shikh, Majed Al-Osaimi, and Abdulrahman Al-Qahtani

10 Years: Ghazi El-Mowafy, Kenneth Moore, Aqeel Al-Abdullah, Adel Al-Sulaimani, Hassan Al-Sulimani, and Abdullah Al-Kurbi

Five years: Kenneth Lange, Abdulmohsin Al-Tamimi, Mohammed Al-Johar, Nawaf Al-Enezi, Rakan Al-Khurdan, Abdulaziz Al-Harbi, Abdulsalam Al-Harbi, Zeyad Al-Johani, and Ali Al-Namer.



SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification Program: Eyad Batubara and Aqeel Al-Abdullah

Closed Loop Drilling Initiative: Clayton Miller



Safety Beyond Operations: Bader Al-Dhafeeri

Safety Award Program Initiative: Mohammed Al-Qahtani 

Cybersecurity Dashboard Initiative: Abdullah Al-Naim


Caption for top photo: Employees in the Gas Drilling and Workover Department were recently recognized for achievements and long service to the company. 


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