Week in Review

Week 12 in Review: From DHL deals to SAMDS returning, and, of course, Ramadan

Newly proposed Procurement and Logistics Hub in the Kingdom would enhance supply chain efficiency.

Week 12 in Review: From DHL deals to SAMDS returning, and, of course, Ramadan

With Ramadan upon us, the pace has been brisk through the month of March.


Here’s some of the top headlines of the week.


Aramco, DHL announce new end-to-end Procurement and Logistics Hub joint venture

Aramco and international contract logistics provider DHL Supply Chain have announced the signing of a shareholders’ agreement for a new Procurement and Logistics Hub in Saudi Arabia, to enhance supply chain efficiency and sustainability. 


It would be the region’s first such hub catering to customers in the industrial, energy, chemical and petrochemical sectors.


The joint venture aims to be operational in 2025 and provide reliable end-to-end integrated procurement and supply chain services for companies across the industrial, energy, chemical and petrochemical sectors. The joint venture would initially focus on Saudi Arabia, with aspirations to expand across the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region.


Aramco’s preeminent energy and industrial supply chain ecosystem and DHL’s world-class logistics expertise are expected to enable the joint venture to add value in meeting customers’ supply chain purchasing, warehouse and inventory management, transportation, and reverse logistics needs. 


Ramadan begins

The start of the Holy Month of Ramadan has been busy at Aramco LIFE, from publishing the prayer schedules to the president and CEO’s annual message to the kick-off of the annual contest.


Get all the details on the main page on Aramco LIFE.


For something new and special, check out Daniel Bird’s “First Fast” blog (click here).


An ocean plant with great promise

Microalgae are among the world’s tiniest plants, but these free-floating organisms without roots or leaves produce more than half of the oxygen we breathe, as well as a host of bioactive compounds. 


Scientists estimate that we’ve so far only studied about 50,000 of a potential 200,000 to 800,000 microalgae species believed to exist. But research has already revealed over 15,000 novel compounds, ranging from fatty acids and enzymes to polymers and sterols, many with potential beneficial applications in health and beyond.


At Aramco, we have been carrying out extensive research into the potential of algae-based biofuel, and already produced the first batch of biocrude from microalgae. 


Our efforts are part of a wider exploration of how we can make more use of nature-based solutions to emissions management and mitigation in our operations.  


Celebrating seven decades of doing business through Aramco Overseas Company

Officially registered in The Hague in 1952, Aramco Overseas Company (AOC) – Aramco Europe — has marked the 70th anniversary of operating from the Netherlands, where its headquarters are based.


The affiliate helps serve the Aramco enterprise in Europe and beyond. Its work in support of the global business has evolved over the years, which has led to it being recognized as a fully fledged services company.


A changing oil and gas landscape has led to the evolution of Aramco as a whole — now a world leader in energy and chemicals — and AOC, like other affiliates, has also had to adapt.


Today, the business branches across a different set of locations — Aberdeen, Delft (Netherlands), Paris, Milan, and Kuala Lumpur — as well as having a presence in London. However, The Hague still remains central to all of these offices.  


SAMDS back in action as group visits Houston and Washington

The Saudi Aramco Management Development Seminar is considered the most prestigious of Aramco’s executive development program.


It’s also been on a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But they were back at it in Houston and Washington, D.C., recently.


The 18 members of the 2023 cohort participated in the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston before taking part in an engaging program in Washington, D.C. in March.  


Now in its 44th year, the SAMDS is designed to broaden and deepen knowledge of the energy industry and provide rising leaders with opportunities to interact with global thought leaders about top strategic and commercial trends.


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