Our Biodiversity Efforts

VIDEO: How do we conserve and protect the Kingdom’s habitats and wildlife?

Through efforts such as the Shaybah and Asir sanctuaries, planting mangroves and native plants, and more.

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How do we conserve the Kingdom’s habitats and increase wildlife populations?


We support several initiatives that aim to protect habitats and increase native vegetation in our areas of operation. In the remote Rub’ al-Khali desert, we’ve established the 637 square kilometer Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary with the goal of helping to protect threatened and endemic species.


In the depth of the ocean, our Coral Reef Restoration Initiative aims to enhance marine biodiversity and habitats.


In the mountains of Asir, we establish the 49 square kilometer Abha Sanctuary that targets protecting various species, including birds such as the rare Philby’s partridge.


We also work on restoring mangrove forests that act as natural carbon sinks and provide nursery grounds for many fish species, with more than 24 million seedlings planted by 2022. 


We expanded our efforts to try and improve air quality and reduce desertification, launching our 1 Million Trees Native Trees Initiative, with the aim to plant 10 billion more trees in the upcoming decades.


We continue our efforts to protect vital ecosystems in the areas we operate to help conserve biodiversity for future generations.


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