Patent and Innovation Tournament

‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant looks to drive innovation and patent work with technical exchange forum

The forum featured a number of presentations on patent-related topics and an exhibition of company patents.

‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant looks to drive innovation and patent work with technical exchange forum

The ‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant (UGP) Department recently conducted a Technical Exchange Forum titled “Patent and Invention Tournament” on Wednesday, March 8. The event was attended by more than 150 employees from multidisciplinary backgrounds across corporate facilities. 


The event was coordinated by UGP with the participation of the Technology Strategy and Planning Department as well as the Intellectual Property Law Department. 


In his opening remarks, UGPD director Fahad Al-Dossary emphasized the importance of innovation and how inventors will help the company to sustain a strong IP portfolio to generate more revenue attract strong partners and investors while retaining the best talent. 

Fahad Al-Dossary, second from light, listens to presentations at the recent Innovation and Patents Tournament technical exchange forum.


The forum featured multiple presentations on patent-related topics and provided an opportunity to promote the awareness with patent-filing guidelines. It also featured an exhibition of company patents, especially those with value-creating opportunities and patents that provide engineering solutions to address challenges in the oil and gas industry. 


UGP has deployed many technologies that have led to world recognition and it to winning the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2018 Industrial Lighthouse Award. 


Moreover, UGP is continually committed to innovation with a total of 12 patents filed in 2022. All innovations and patents are aligned with corporate strategies, vision, and international programs. 


One of the main international programs that UGP is maintaining is ISO certifications, which the plant has successfully acquired 12 of them so far. These include but are not limited to:


ISO 50001 “Energy Management Systems”

ISO 14001 “Environmental Management” 

ISO 31000 “Risk Management.”


Caption for top photo: Participants in the Patent and Invention Forum Tournament technical exchange forum are recognized for their roles in the recent event. More than 150 employees from a variety of backgrounds across the company took part in the event designed to promote awareness of patent-filing guidelines and the company’s existing patents. 


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