KSA Expat Reunion

VIDEO: Expatriate and Saudi retirees come together to reminisce and celebrate

On Thursday, expatriate and Saudi retirees gathered for a luncheon in Dhahran.

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Amin Nasser

Aramco president and CEO


Just as you all proudly worked side-by-side and together over the past few decades, we gather to celebrate you all side-by-side and together today as well.


Thank you for your dedication, your commitment, and your mentorship, all of which has helped Aramco become the global leader it is today. 


Nabila Al-Najjar

Retired — 21 years of dedication;

joined the Aramco family in 1997


My first day at Aramco was the happiest day of my life because it was my dream. 


My father worked for Aramco, and my sisters and everyone around me worked for Aramco. So, my only dream was to join Aramco.


Dale R. Saner

Retired — 26 years of dedication;

joined the Aramco family in 1979


One thing that hasn't changed is the people, their big heart, and their generosity and friendship. I still have friends in the local community from when I worked here. 


Celita Huggins

Retired — 16 years of dedication;

joined the Aramco family in 1997


It's been ten years since I left, and it's such a joy being back. There's just so much gladness in my heart, you know, coming here.


I've seen all the changes as well that have occurred in the past ten years. It's been great. And I hope I'm able to come back again and again and again. 


Zaki Al-Abdeljabar

Retired — 30 years of dedication;

joined the Aramco family in 1981


It was important for me on my first day to get acquainted with the services provided by the company, which were not present in our small community, like the cinema and theater.


The company's system was reflected in our home life in regard to safety and all its aspects.


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